Watchman (Jamakarar) Prayer

Watchman prayer is especially done during the night time on 1st week of Friday every month from 6pm – Saturday 6 am. All the believers in the church evil participate in this prayer to bind the evil spirits which is tormenting the people and the surroundings.

Chain Prayer

This prayer is done as a Chain which is connected. Each member in the church will pray for every two from Friday 6 am –6pm &  Saturday 6am -6pm. This prayer is done for the members of the church and their families

Prayer for the Nation and the leaders:

A prayer is conducted for the nation. All the people will pray fervently for the welfare of our nation. So that by the prayer our God shall bless our country with rain and our nation will be prospered. And also a special prayer is done for the rulers in our country that they must have special knowledge and wisdom to lead our country in a good manner, so that all the people in the country will be blessed and benefitted.

Jericho prayer

  As the wall of Jericho broke down before Israelites, the Lord shall break all obstacles in our nation and in the lives of all people through this prayer and it is done weekly once.

Prayer of Jabez

Prayer of Jabez prayer is specifically done for the abundant Blessings in the family of the believers in the church and it is done weekly once. Through this prayer all the believers in the church shall be blessed many folds.

Deliverance Prayer

Deliverance prayer is done for the deliverance of people from the bondages, sin and curses and to lead a peaceful life. It is done weekly once.

Vision Prayer

This Prayer is done for the vision of the church to be fulfilled by the grace of the Lord. As per the divine counsel, a vision is to be completed in the church and this prayer is done mainly for that vision weekly once.

Prayer walk

Prayer walk is done in all the area in our town. Any two believers are combined together and they will walk with prayer in a particular area and they will bind all the evil spirits surrounding that area. This prayer breaks all the bondages and let the people free in that area. It is done monthly once.