Cottage prayer:

                    A special prayer is conducted for a family who needs it in their houses. Through that prayer the whole family is blessed. Nearby people are also gathered to pray for the goodness and prosperity of that family.

House visit:

                    Believers from the church will visit the houses of other believers and the people in the church. Through this visit, extra care is taken for the people by hearing their problems personally and praying for the family members and other relatives in their houses with care. 

Care cell ministry:

                   Care cells have been set up in selected houses in particular areas and prayer is conducted in their houses. People from nearby surroundings will be gathered in that house and prayer is conducted for their welfare.

Hospital Ministry:

                   Special prayer is done for the sick people who are in the hospital. Believers from the church will visit the sick in the hospital and will pray fervently for them to be healed by the God and many of them are being healed till now by that prayer.

Bible Study:

                  Through the Bible Study in every Wednesday at 6 pm, the depths in the Bible and the values are taught to the people. This study helps the people to know more about the Bible and how to practice the ethics in their life.

Children Ministry:

               Through the Children Ministry  in every Sunday at 9 am. In this Ministry Children’s are taught about  Bible stories.  Many Children’s are Blessed through this Ministry. 

Youth Ministry:

              This  meeting is conducted every Sunday @ 6pm. In this meeting Youth’s are growing in anointed worship & Powerful God’s Word.